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We assess your company's resources, create go to market strategies, assist with the sales process, and develop effective media, events, and digital campaigns.

Successful business is our lifestyle

At McGoffin Marketing Inc., our mission is to grow your business by marketing your brand through media, digital, events and publications

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The Approach

McGoffin Marketing Inc. is an independent sales and marketing firm assisting companies grow their brand through partnerships, events, media, digital applications and sales support.

Current & Past Clients

Subaru, Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, Affordable Arts Festival, Colfax Marathon, Travel Host, Denver Arts Festival, Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Mazda, St. Anthony’s Hospital, Kroger, Volkswagen, Safeway, and Dole to name a few.

The Story

I started my marketing career in media in Louisiana. It began by working behind the camera in the TV studio with live shows and newscasts. I later became the Technical Director and then Director producing multiple promotional videos, live shows and commercials. This is where I began to understand my calling; to have my own Advertising, Sales and Marketing company. After moving to Colorado, I worked in the Ski Industry, Wine Industry and then Radio sales all for one purpose; to understand marketing in as many aspects as possible. I learned video production, display and product placement, how to create and run events, media buying and print. Most of all, how to listen to the client. In partnership, we create ways to be successful, sale product, train staff and grow. That’s my story and it is still being written. Let’s write our stories together.


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  • Partnerships

    We develop programs and aid in discovering partners that mutually benefit from the affiliation. The results are to expand marketing platforms and sales territories with new product offerings, project management and activation.

  • Media

    Full service media strategy, campaign development, placement and posting. Includes:Television, radio, digital, social, print, and more.

  • Digital Media Consulting

    SEO, SEM, Display, Website Development, Logos, and Social Media.

  • Branding

    Utilize companies current and future products and programs to create new opportunities to drive revenue. Assist companies in expanding territories by selling products, project management and staff training. Develop and activate internal and off site sales, marketing and community targeted events.


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"McGoffin Marketing has helped us realize the full potential of our venues and events by facilitating business and community partnerships that are always just the right fit for our brands. More than just a consultant, McGoffin Marketing is truly an extension of our team and a big part of our continued success."Dexter Foxworth, Director of Jefferson County Events & Venues



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